My Social Media Policy

My name is Jacob Page. I’m a 20 year old student at Georgia Southern University. I want to connect to social networks to broaden the availability for people to interact with others. New followers to a new network should introduce theirselves in a proper way. Instead of simply sending a friend request or following them, they need to provide helpful information to inform the other of whom they are and what their intentions are of adding them.
Connecting to others:
If a person you are not familiar with adds you, or sends you a request, do not automatically accept. Read the information they have provided and base your decision off of what you see. It is dangerous to add people you do not know or do not believe is a trustworthy person. If you would like to get to know the person before adding them and letting them into your social network, contact them briefly until you have decided what is the right thing to do.
Be Safe:
Do not tell a person your address, full name, phone number, or any other personal information. Unless you know the person, it is not safe for them to know much information about you. Set your page as private. This will allow only people that you approve of to see your information.
Over-doing it:
You should not post more than six posts per day.This helps from overloading someone’s updates with all of your posts and it keeps the network flowing at a good speed instead of freezing or slowing things down.
This network is to interact with others of the same interests, occupation, etc. Instead of only knowing people in your area, this gives people a change to connect with people from all over the world and could possible broaden their chances of learning new things as well.
The use of facebook and myspace is to talk to others and interact with new people. It is for friendships, relationships, or simply seeing who is out there. It it not to be used for anything vulgar or obscene.
The social network is to be used only on safe conditions. There should not be any illegal activity use or anything that can lead to legal issues. Anyone who goes against this policy will be terminated permanently from the social network and will be reported to law if needed.


Campus Event Reaction

April 23, 2010

I attended the multicultural vendor expo that took place on April 15. I had been to a few campus events for other classes last semester but they we’re all lectures. I’ve never enjoyed just sitting and hearing someone talk, but at this event I was able to walk around and get involved. Not only were there people who were from other cultures, there were also students who had traveled to other parts of the world. And unlike in a lecture I was able to talk back, ask questions, and learn more than I could have imagined. This kept me interested the whole time I was there. Every booth made me wanna move to the next and keep learning more. One group of students was selling things from a country they had visited in order to raise money to help the people who lived there.

Comparing this event to the other ones I have attended this was by far my favorite. It was mainly because I was able to interact and kind of be part of the expo. The people there were all friendly and eager to tell me about what they had and what they’re culture was like. I also liked how it wasn’t over packed. There was enough room to move around and breathe without bumping elbows with someone else. This made the event more enjoyable for not only me but everyone else there I’m sure. For the people who didn’t attend this event, you missed a good one. Anyone could have learned something new and interesting there. I know for a fact that I learned a lot!!

Children From Hard Places
Podcast Notes

Children From Hard Places talks about children that have came from mothers who had drug problems, children born with drugs in their system, starving children, etc. This podcast explains the difficulties of adopting children that have grown up in an orphanage, foster homes, or in a home where they were they were mistreated and beaten or starved.

In some cases, children lose their sense of touch. If they are not held and loved when they are young or if they are beaten and abused, they won’t recognize the sense of being touched or loved. Some children have a chemical imbalance in their brain where something as a slight touch could set them off and the chemical imbalance causes them to feel something more painful than that slight touch.

The podcast also explains how children need love and security. Children that come being beaten, starved, or just simply neglected never know the feeling of someone loving them and caring about them as a person. They don’t know the feeling of being wanted or knowing that they have a safe place to return to. Every child needs to know that they are protected and loved.

Also, this podcast talks about adopting children from orphanages, overseas, and through foster care. No one ever knows what they are going into, because they don’t know the exact conditions this child has gone through. If there is difficulty in pregnancy, drug use, malnourishment, etc. the adopting parents won’t know of the complications until later on in the child’ s life.

Children From Hard Places is not always a case of a child being born with drugs in their system, or being beaten and abused. Children are also born with complications from simple stress related problems during the pregnancy. If the mother is stressed out or hurting, the child senses that in the womb. This can also cause a chemical imbalance in the child’s brain which can delay development.

What A Man Needs From His Wife
Podcast Notes

This podcast talks about how men want respect from their wives. Wives are a huge influence on their husbands, whether it’s good or bad. If a wife works with her husband and joins him in activities he enjoys, then he will be more willing to join her in activities she wants him to be involved in. Men simply want respect, and as long as they have it then they’re happy. Women have the power as to give it to him, or not. If a husband and wife work together on situations they have, then it will make their marriage easier and less stressful for the both of them.

About me is done

January 23, 2010

About me page is finished. Check it out if you’d like.